IRODORI (Japanese for Life in Japan) - STARTER (入門 (A1)


Irodori increases what you can do in your daily life in Japan

“Irodori: Japanese for Life in Japan” is a Japanese textbook for people who are living in Japan, or who will be living in Japan in the future. It teaches Japanese for different daily situations in Japan, including working, shopping, having fun, eating, and interacting with other people. The objective of this textbook is to increase what you can do using Japanese in real-life situations in Japan. These are called “Can-dos.” The textbook aims to build communication skills for everyday life in Japan through “Can-do” based learning.

Irodori allows you to learn A1/A2 level Japanese

Irodori is made up of three parts: Starter , Elementary 1, and Elementary 2. Starter corresponds to the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education (※) A1 level, and Elementary 1 and Elementary 2 correspond to the A2 level. At A1 level, you can make greetings and communicate in a very simple way by using expressions that you have learned. At A2 level, you can hold short, basic everyday conversations on familiar topics.


IRODORI (Japanese for Life in Japan) (入門 (A1)

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PDF Files: IRODORI (Japanese for Life in Japan) 入門 (A1)
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PDF Files: ことばリスト入門
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