About Us


Nihongoph.com is free online Study Japanese Language for everyone who want to learn speak, read, and write Japanese Language. On this site is all about way of writing Japanese alphabet including (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji), Sentence Pattern, Basic greetings, Vocabulary, Usage of Particle, Use of Interrogatives, Grammar and Examples. And I will have provide some test and quizzes that you can test your knowledge and skills to create a sentences and memorize the vocabulary.


The purpose of this site is to provide free online study Japanese Language for everyone without payment and for those people who are want to learn Japanese language but they no Japanese language school nearby. And for the beginners that want to learned it is very useful for your advance study, travels and works. This site can be help you for your self-learning at home, and to find a new job using Japanese language that you learned.

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