Grammar List for JLPT N4 Part II


These are N4 Level Sentence Patterns on how to use certain particles together with certain words, with English Translation.
Grammar Lesson (N4 Level)
Grammar Meaning (English)
sou da [1] そうだ I heard that; it is said that~
sou da [2] そうだ looks like; appears like; seeming ~
sou ni / sou na そうに / そうな seems like; looks like ~
ta bakari たばかり just finished; something just occurred
ta tokoro たところ just finished doing, was just doing
tadoushi 他動詞 Transitive
jidoushi 自動詞 Intransitive Verbs
tagaru たがる wants to do~ (third person)
tara たら if; after; when ~
tara dou たらどう why don't you (used to give advice)
tara ii desu ka たらいいですか what should I do?;
speaker seeking instructions
from listener
te / de て / で conjunctive particle; so;
because of [A], [B]...
te ageru てあげる to do for; to do a favor
te hoshii てほしい I want you to; need you to ~
te iku ていく to start; to continue; to go on
te ita ていた was doing something
(past continuous)
te itadakemasen ka ていただけませんか could you please ~
te kureru てくれる to do a favor;
do something for someone
te kuru てくる to do and come back; to become;
to continue; to start ~
te miru てみる try doing
te morau てもらう to get somebody to do something
te oku ておく to do something in advance
te shimau / chau てしまう / ちゃう to do something by accident,
to finish completely
te sumimasen てすみません I’m sorry for
te yaru てやる to do for;
to do a favor (casual)
te yokatta てよかった I’m glad that ~
teiru tokoro ているところ in the process of doing
temo ても even; even if; even though ~
to whenever [A] happens,
[B] also happens
to ittemo ii と言ってもいい you could say; one might say;
I'd say ~
to iu という called; named; that ~
to iu koto ということ convert phrase into noun
to iwarete iru と言われている it is said that ~
to kiita と聞いた I heard
to omou と思う I think
toka~toka とか~とか among other things; such as; like ~
tokoro ところ just about to;
on the verge of doing something
tsuzukeru 続ける continue to; keen on ~
tte って named; called
ukemi kei 受身形 passive form; passive voice
wa~ga... wa は〜が… は [A] but [B]; however; comparison
yasui やすい easy to; likely to; prone to;
have a tendency to ~
yatto やっと at last; finally;
barely; narrowly ~
yori より than; rather than; more than
yotei da 予定だ plan to, intend to
you da ようだ appears; seems; looks as if
you ni / you na ように / ような like; as; similar to
you ni naru ようになる to reach the point that;
to come to be that; to turn into
you ni suru ようにする to try to;
to make sure that
you to omou ようと思う thinking of doing; planning to
zehi ぜひ by all means; certainly; definitely
zenzen~nai 全然~ない (not) at all
zurai づらい difficult to do

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