Grammar List for JLPT N5

These are N5 Level Sentence Patterns on how to use certain particles together with certain words, with English Translation.
Grammar Lesson (N5 Level)
Grammar Meaning (English)
cha ikenai / ja ikenai ちゃいけない・じゃいけない must not do (spoken Japanese)
da / desu だ・です to be (am, is, are, were, used to)
dake だけ only; just; as much as ~
darou だろう I think; it seems; probably; right?
de in; at; on; by; with; via
demo でも but; however; though~
deshou でしょう I think; it seems; probably; right?
donna どんな what kind of; what sort of
doushite どうして why; for what reason; how
douyatte どうやって how; in what way; by what means
ga subject marker; however; but ~
ga arimasu があります there is; is (non-living things)
ga hoshii がほしい to want something
ga imasu がいます there is; to be; is (living things)
hou ga ii ほうがいい had better; it'd be better to; should ~
i-adjectives い-adjectives i-adjectives
ichiban 一番(いちばん) the most; the best
issho ni 一緒に (いっしょに) together
itsumo いつも always; usually; habitually
janai / dewa nai じゃない・ではない to not be (am not; is not; are not)
ka question particle
ka~ka か~か or
kara から because; since; from
kata 方(かた) the way of doing something; how to do
kedo けど but; however; although ~
keredo mo けれども but; however; although ~
mada まだ still; not yet
mada ~te imasen まだ~ていません have not yet ~
made まで until; as far as; to (an extent); even ~
mae ni 前に(まえに) before; in front of~
masen ka ませんか would you; do you want to; shall we ~
mashou ましょう let's ~; shall we ~
mashouka ましょうか shall I ~; used to offer help to the listener
mo too; also; as well
mou もう already; anymore; again; other
na-adjectives な-adjectives na-adjectives
naa なあ sentence ending particle; confirmation; admiration, etc
naide ないで without doing~ ; To do [B] without doing [A]
naide kudasai ないでください please don't do
naito ikenai ないといけない must do; have an obligation to do
naku temo ii なくてもいい don't have to
nakucha なくちゃ must do; need to; gotta do
nakute wa ikenai なくてはいけない must do; need to do
nakute wa naranai なくてはならない must do; need to do
naru なる to become
ndesu んです to explain something; show emphasis
ne isn't it? right? eh?
ni destination particle; in; at; on; to
ni iku にいく go to do
ni suru にする to decide on
ni/e に/へ to (indicates direction / destination)
no possessive particle
no desu のです to explain something; show emphasis
no ga heta のが下手(のがへた) to be bad at doing something
no ga jouzu のが上手(のがじょうず) to be good at
no ga suki のが好き(のがすき) to like doing something
no naka de
[A] ga ichiban
out of this group,
[A] is best
node ので because of; given that; since
o / go お / ご polite marker; honorific prefix particle
o / wo object marker particle
o kudasai をください please give me ~
shikashi しかし but; however ~
sore kara それから and; and then; after that; since then
soshite そして and; and then; thus; and now ~
sugiru すぎる too much
ta koto ga aru たことがある to have done something before
tai たい want to do something
tari~tari たり~たり do such things as A and B
te aru てある is/has been done
(resulting state)
te iru ている ongoing action or current state
te kara てから after doing ~
te kudasai てください please do
te wa ikenai てはいけない must not; may not; cannot
temo ii desu てもいいです is OK to ~; is alright to ~; may I ~?
to and; with; as;
connecting particle
toki とき when; at this time
totemo とても very; awfully; exceedingly
tsumori つもり plan to ~; intend to ~
wa topic marker
wa ~yori... desu は〜より・・・です [A] is more ~ than [B]
wa dou desu ka はどうですか how about; how is
ya and; or; connecting particle
yo you know; emphasis
(ending particle)
yori ~hou ga より~ほうが [A] is more than [B]

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