List of Kanji and Conjugation in Japanese


Romaji: Okimasu
Hiragana: おきます
Kanji: 起きる
English: to get up, to wake

Romaji: nemasu
Hiragana: ねます
Kanji: 寝る
English: sleep, go to bed
Romaji: Hatarakimasu
Hiragana: はたらきます
Kanji: 働く
English: to work
Romaji: Yasumimasu
Hiragana: やすみます
Kanji: 休む
English: to take a day off
Romaji: Owarimasu
Hiragana: おわります
Kanji: 終わる
English: to finish
Romaji: Ikimasu
Hiragana: いきます
Kanji: 行く
English: to go
Romaji: Kimasu
Hiragana: きます
Kanji: 来る
English: to come
Romaji: Kaerimasu
Hiragana: かえります
Kanji: 帰る
English: to go home
Romaji: Tabemasu
Hiragana: たべます
Kanji: 食べる
English: to eat
Romaji: nomimasu
Hiragana: のみます
Kanji: 飲む
English: to drink
Romaji: nomimasu
Hiragana: すいます 
Kanji: 吸う
English: to smoke
Romaji: mimasu
Hiragana: みます
Kanji: 見る
English: to see, to look, to watch
Romaji: kikimasu
Hiragana: ききます
Kanji: 聞く
English: to hear
Romaji: yomimasu
Hiragana: よみます
Kanji: 読む
English: to read

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