Weather in Japanese Language


Weather (てんき)

ame (ga-furu) あめ(が-ふる) rain (to rain)
kaze (ga-furu) かぜ(が-ふる) wind (to be windy)
yuki (ga-furu) ゆき (が-ふる) snow (to snow)
hare はれ fine weather
kumori くもり cloudy
samui さむい cold
atsui あつい hot
mushiatsui むしあつい humid
suzushii すずしい cool
atatakai あたたかい warm
kimochi ga ii きもち が いい nice (weather)
undo (suru) すうんど (する) exercise (to exercise)
renshu (suru) れんしゅ(する) practice (to practice)
asobi (osobu) あそび (おそぶ) play (to play)

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