Asking Direction in Japanese


Lesson 3

Sentence Pattern : ここ / そこ / あそこ / こちら / そちら / あちら
ここ / そこ / あそこ refer to a place. ここ is the place where the speaker is. そこ is the place where the listener is, and あそこ is the place far from both the speaker and the listener.
こちら, そちら and あちら are demonstrative words referring to direction. And also used to refer to location in which case they are politer than ここ, そこ and あそこ
Ex. Koko
1. ここ は じむしょ です。
This is office.

Ex. Soko
1. そこ は としょかん です。
There is a library.

Ex. Asoko
1. にわ は あそこ です。
The garden is over there.
Sentence Pattern :   N1 は (place) desu.
it is indicates where the place,thing or person is.
1. じむしょ は あそこ です。
The office is over there.

2. ベン さん は レストラン です。
Mr. Ben is in the restaurant.

3. でんわ は さんがい です。
The telephone is on the third floor.
Sentence Pattern : どこ/どちら
どこ & どちら
- どこ means “where” どちら means “which direction” どちら can also mean “where” in which case it’s politer than “どこ”
1. トイレ は どこ ですか?
...あそこ です.
Where is the toilet?
...It's over there.

2. エレベーター は どちら ですか?
...そちら です.
Where is the elevator?
...It's over there.
どこ or どちら
- it is also used to ask the name of a country, company, school or any place or organization a person belongs to. You cannot use なん (what) どちら is politer than どこ.
1. がっこう は どこ ですか?
What is the name of your school?

2. かいしゃ は どちら ですか?
What company do you work for?
Sentence Pattern : N1 の N2
When N1 is the name of a country and N2 is a product, it means that N2 is made in that country. When N1 is the name of the company and N1 is a product, it means that N2 is made by that company. In this structure, どこ it is an interrogative that used when asking where or by what company something is made.
の it will used particle to connecting 2 nouns and denotes where a thing made of.
1. これ は どこの コンピュ-タ- ですか?
Where this is computer made?

2. にほん の コンピュ-タ- です.
It's made in Japan.
Sentence Pattern : おくに
- prefix お is added to the word concerning the listener or a third person in order to express the speaker respect to the person.
1. おくに は どちら ですか?
Where are you from?

Sentence Pattern : The こ / そ / あ / ど system of demontratives
こ Series そ Series あ Series ど Series
Thing これ それ あれ どれ
Thing / Person この その あの どの
Place ここ そこ あそこ どこ
Place / Direction
こちら そちら あちら どちら

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